is a complete fitness workout that requires less than 30 minutes for body shaping, fat burning and fitness for daily routine.      It’s for everyone and guarantees to aim targets with ease and fun.


clubs worldwide At the moment, eBOXING / eFIGHTING is one of the biggest trends in the fitness industry. Since 2012, 30 fitness clubs (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Ser - bia, Switzerland and the Netherlands) have integrat - ed the eBOXING / eFIGHTING fitness workout into their club concepts. Test the eBOXING / eFIGHTING fitness workout You can visit the eBOXING / eFIGHTING show room in (ETRIS d.o.o., Prvomajska ulica 28A, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia) (www.etris.eu)




The special boxing bag and touch screen monitor

The touch screen monitor is an interface which allows exploitation of a complex software to regulate the workout in different levels. The ten special sensors of the special boxing bag enable both beginners and long time fitness freaks to have an effective workout. The challenge is to punch the different sensors when they light up. We use only bandages for a comforta- ble training.

The ring

Due to newest technology the ring can lead the work - out, document and measure the results and analyse the progress of your training. Trough its new design and its technical structure the members get a unique atmosphere.


Benefits of eBOXING / eFIGHTING fitness workout

The eBOXING / eFIGHTING fitness workout is an op - timal way to feel fit through the daily routine, it’s a perfect stress reduction and perfect for getting mus- cle tone and losing fat by body shaping. Furthermore, you will improve your strength, stamina, coordina- tion and speed. And the most important – it guaran- tees a lot of fun. eBOXING / eFIGHTING fitness workout versus con- ventional fitness training it’s hard to go to the fitness club if you train the same exercises with the same machines every week. The eBOXING / eFIGHTING fitness workout with its new concept and its effective workout gives an optimal alternative. The training With a quick introduction, you can train by yourself with an individual training program which fits you best. It’s also possible to get a personal traini

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